Tiffany Haney

Owner & Wellness Director, Holistic Healing & Crystals

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, 40-Hour Trauma Certified Yoga Therapy

Bachelor of Arts in Communications
Chapman University
Orange, California

Oracle Deck Readings
Akashic Records
Mentoring Kids & Adults
Yoga for Kids & Adults
Yoga for Anxiety & Depression
Goddess Yoga
Yoga for Healing
Chakra Healing
Energy Healing
Intuitive Healing
Sound Therapy
Guided Meditation

Growing up in Alaska, my mother owned a dance studio, so movement has been an important part of my life both mentally & physically since I was a child. I continued to dance throughout college, but after school I tried to find new ways to tap into that grace and peace I found in Ballet. I had tried yoga on and off for years but it wasn’t until about 2014 that something clicked and I realized I couldn’t live without practicing yoga & regular meditation. I fell in love with the way my body felt afterward, the way my mind felt the rest of the day, and the way my heart felt the more that I practiced. I was incredibly inspired by the flow of Vinyasa, and in recent years have come to love and appreciate the spiritual & meditative practice as well. 

My years in dance and experience teaching dance have given me a deep appreciation of the mind/body connection, as well as the understanding the importance of mindfulness both on and off the mat. In 2018 I decided that yoga played such an important role in my life that I wanted to reach others in that same way. I completed my 200-hour teacher training in May of 2019 with the Strongsville yoga school under the instruction of Meghan Reimer. In 2022 I completed my 40-hour Trauma Yoga Certification through My Vinyasa Practice, instructed by Michelle Young.

I am also an Empath and have a deep energetic connection to others. This led me to the study of energy healing, crystal work, and shamanic healing. I believe by combining yoga, meditation, and energy work, we can create a solid foundation for ongoing mental and physical wellness; especially when these things start to work with mental health counseling, nutrition, and functional medicine! The services we provide here at Holistic Healing & Crystals give the community one central place to focus on whole wellness of mind, body & spirit, and ultimately find the best combo of therapies to be the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant versions of themselves!

Class I am Super Passionate About: GODDESS YOGA!

So, What is Goddess Yoga?

Goddess yoga is a special pop up yoga class that is incredibly special & lively, and is also a big passion for Tiffany as an instructor. It is intended to empower women and awaken goddess power and the feminine energy from within called shakti. This is a high energy, high vibe class that is intended to be fun and leave you feeling powerful and connected after! This class is a must try!!!
Call and inquire if you have any questions or concerns about this prior to booking.