Holistic Healing & Crystals
Spiritual Self-Care Center
For Life Improvement

12974 Pearl Road | Strongsville, Ohio


* Rediscover Yourself *
* Explore Your Higher Purpose & What Lights You Up *
* Release & Heal Trauma *
* Understand Spiritual Growth & Navigate Awakenings *
* Become the Best, Happiest, Most Glowing Version of You *
* Seek help for Anxiety, Depression, and Lack of Direction *

WHAT WE DO HERE: (Our Offerings)

***We also have a Metaphysical Shop with Crystals, Decor, Jewelry, and select Local Artist Displays!

Holistic Healing & Crystals is 1 of 60 businesses (out of 50,000 applicants) picked to compete on an Entrepreneurial Small Business Show! 

We are asking our amazing Community to please, help us get there, if you are able. 

Every little bit helps!!!

For adding our booking shortcut on your smartphone, please click HERE, and follow along with Carson "How-To" video for the easiest way to book with us!