About Tiffany

Tiffany is an Empath, Intuitive Reader & Chakra Energy Worker. She is also the owner of Holistic Healing & Crystals and has a gift for helping people discover their true selves & true potential. Tiffany can provide insight to your current life path, current life purpose, as well as provide readings with the use of tarot cards, chakra reading, and aura insight. She uses all these tools during readings to provide you with self-discovery and self-empowerment. Through these readings one can gain deeper insight into a better understanding of oneself and possibly uncover your own intuitive powers to empower your own inner-knowing. 

What happens in a Reading with Tiffany?

During a reading, Tiffany starts with her own meditative practice to ground both she and the client; then allows things to start to come to her. She uses her own custom designed Oracle Card Deck & Crystals to gain insight to your life questions and path. She can also do a Chakra scan to identify which Chakras are "stuck" or blocked and holding you back.  If you do not need a full healing session and the situation calls for it, TIffany sometimes performs mini healings to unblock the chakras and get things flowing for you. 

Sometimes a higher voice may come through - usually a person's guides or angels. This is not guaranteed to happen. This info is usually if you need to know something pertinent to this life; info about a past life, lessons needing to be learned, cycles needing to be broken, etc. Tiffany's intention in her readings is to assist clients through the journey of decision making via awareness and self-empowerment. Much like a Life Coach, Tiffany aims to help you in confident decisions, gain clarity, and be the best version of yourself via our various life path options. The only difference is, she is not coaching alone, but with her guides AND your guides input - often trickling info down through your higher self! These readings can be quite eye opening when stuck in life or not sure about an upcoming decision having to be made.

After a reading, clients leave with insights, shifts, and/or approaches that were previously inaccessible.They are provided information and actions steps to take based on the insights shared during the session.

After your session, Tiffany can provide purchase recommendations within our metaphysical shop including specific crystal recommendations that the intuitive reading revealed to be beneficial to you (the client) if you would like.

About Oracle Readings 

Oracle Readings are meant to Inspire & Guide via insight. These readings provide extra insight into your life so you can feel inspired to take control and create the life you want. Oracle readings are meant to help you rediscover your magic and transform your life. It is a means of improving your reality and gaining the confidence to do so. These readings offer you a chance to believe in yourself to live the life you want without fear and doubt. Our Intuitive Reader & Studio Owner, Tiffany, actually has her own Oracle deck which she designed and printed herself. These cards hold a very special meaning for her to get a very clear line of communication with these means.

Every psychic has their own gifts they use in a reading. If you are not sure what reading is right for you from our offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask! 

*** Tiffany is also available for Mentorship Programs for people just coming into their gifts. Tiffany is excellent for Empaths, Kids with Gifts, Highly Sensitive People (HSP'S) & if you are trying to start a business with your gifts. Mentorship can provide you with clarity on your marketing and how to make a living with your gifts.



What are Akashic Records Readings?

In this reading, Tiffany will guide you through some breathwork & meditation so you can begin to learn how to access your Akashic record on your own when you'd like big answer type questions. We will communicate with your guides and also your Higher Self for ultimate guidance. Tiffany acts as a teacher and guide to help you in this process, but also goes with you to gain insight and answers as well.


After this Guided Meditative state, your guide, Tiffany and you will both write down things that came through and then have a nice long chat about what insights came to the surface! 


Don't worry if you feel nervous and are asking yourself, but what if I don't meditate right? What if nothing comes through for me? What if I don't see anything in my third eye? Or more questions like that... Do not worry! That's why this session is guided. We are all students and Tiffany will be able to provide the clarity in which you seek once she also accesses your records with you. 


Questions about this? Feel free to contact us via email, message, text or phone!