Faye Kocher

All throughout my life I have been moved by music, emotions, and connection to people . I always knew I wanted to play a role in improving wellbeing for others.

My desire for service to others led me into Healthcare where I earned my Degree in Applied Science. As a Medical Laboratory Tech. ,  eventually I started to notice the limitations of Western medicine, it seemed that the symptoms were treated rather than digging further to the root cause of the issue. I also discovered the internal conflict between self wellness and burnout from healthcare servitude. 

I was pulled both personally and professionally to expand my knowledge on how to achieve a better balance within. Thus started my path of looking into holistic healing and the many health benefits it provides!  Music has been my form of soul medicine whether it was singing, dancing or experiencing the music to feel the emotions and then release that energy. So upon discovery I naturally  dove into sound healing and became certified as a Sound Healer practitioner to experience first hand the healing benefits that sound instruments create to then share with others. I also am currently certified as a Reiki 2 Practitioner to work on raising my vibration to be a better channel for others in raising their own! 

My focus as a Practitioner is to compassionately listen and to create a healing space to foster deep relaxation while aligning your energetic centers back to original design. Using a holistic approach, combining science with spirituality, my goal is to spread knowledge about these practices and health benefits to educate and empower you on your path of evolvement!