Hello! I am Michael Gamble, a holistic Integrative health & wellness coach, Director of Mind-Body Education and Community Outreach at Holistic Healing & Crystals. I believe one of my greatest assets as a health coach is something we all share, and that is empathy. Once we peel back the years of education, the countless hours studying the human body and psyche, certifications received, what ultimately connects us is our ability to relate to one another on a deeply human level.

After leaving military service as a medic due to back injury, having an independent baseball career cut short due to a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, and suffering a total of eight concussions, it would seem that injury and frustration would become mainstays in my life story. Yet it was a community of folks invested in my success that supported me through rediscovering my purpose and creating a new direction in a life dedicated to service, healing, and teaching.

Deciding to return to college and complete my Bachelor's degree in education in 2011, I have since spent my years as a yoga teacher helping individuals regain control of their personal health journey, while navigating autoimmune diseases, weight loss, and physical & psychological trauma. I also attained master level certification as an integrative wellness coach and Neurolinguistic programming practitioner.

It has been an absolute joy working with injured military veterans, active duty soldiers and their families as they prepare for deployment, county social service agencies and first responders, and the continual theme that we constantly come across, is that together we are stronger and with the power of belief, the right people in your corner, and clarity of your vision and goals your optimal health in mind and body is always within reach.