Doug McDonald

Doug has moved, but still is working with us, remotely! To schedule a Virtual Appointment with Doug, please reach out to Owner, Tiffany (Call, Text or Email) to Arrange!

"Learning about and honoring my gifts as a psychic medium has been a journey. Although I’ve been intuitive my whole life, I didn’t come to understand the true nature of my talents until I was in my mid-twenties. I was seeking career advice from a professional psychic who told me not to worry about the path my professional career would take.

Instead, she redirected the conversation and began talking about my energy and how, if I desired, I could learn to harness my energy to work with Spirit. From that day forward I started down a path of self-discovery and learning. Learning to walk into and interpret that energy would provide me with the opportunity to read for people all over the world while providing healing and loving messages from Spirit."

***Doug has moved to Delaware so his readings are all VIRTUAL if you are based in Ohio. You will be booking a VIRTUAL reading.***

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What is the difference between a Mediumship and
Evidential Mediumship?

Mediumship (general):
When a medium shares their perceived communications from the dead to their living loved ones. This can be verifiable communication or not, the medium may or may not provide proof that they are speaking with who they say they are. Some (general) mediums claim to deliver messages from angels, deities, and other spiritual entities. Generalized information is often the bulk of the communication given, oftentimes with the addition of emotional and grief support for the sitter. Ex: “Great-grandma is coming through, she says she misses you and is always watching over you like a guardian angel.” The medium may require a photo, object or name of the deceased from the sitter. Basically in these readings, it is up to the sitter to trust, believe or feel that a real connection was made and the messages were real.

When a medium establishes that they are in fact communicating with the deceased by sharing evidence that could not have otherwise been known to the medium. Providing evidence also experientially verifies there is evidently more beyond this life, and ideally that our departed loved ones are still with us just in a different way. Evidence is specific pieces (and often lots of evidence is given) of information that are factual, that only those who knew the deceased would know and the odds that the medium is guessing are slim to none. A big difference between general mediumship and evidential mediumship is that an evidential medium will *not* ask you for anything, information, items, or otherwise, of the deceased. In fact, we don’t wanna see, hear or know anything other than what the departed are sharing with us until after we have delivered the initial evidence and messages to the sitter. That way the sitter knows there is nothing that could’ve given away the information and evidence that the medium translates.