Akashic Records

In this session, Tiffany will guide you through some breathwork & meditation so you can begin to learn how to access your Akashic record on your own when you'd like big answer type questions. We will communicate with your guides and also your Higher Self for ultimate guidance. Tiffany acts as a teacher and guide to help you in this process, but also goes with you to gain insight and answers as well.


After this Guided Meditative state, your guide, Tiffany and you will both write down things that came through and then have a nice long chat about what insights came to the surface! 


Don't worry if you feel nervous and are asking yourself, but what if I don't meditate right? What if nothing comes through for me? What if I don't see anything in my third eye? Or more questions like that... Do not worry! That's why this session is guided. We are all students and Tiffany will be able to provide the clarity in which you seek once she also accesses your records with you. 


Questions about this? Feel free to contact us via email, message, text or phone!