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Card Readings are symbolic maps of consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, both spiritually and practically.

What is the Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?

If you were under the impression that there’s no significant difference between tarot and oracle cards, you’re not alone. Many people assume that oracle cards are just another way of predicting your future; after all, many oracle reading purposes share some similarities with tarot readings. In actuality, both practices have unique ways of helping individuals seek guidance and insight into their futures. 

Tarot cards are a very structured process that provides insight regarding one’s life and future to a point. On the other hand, oracle cards showcase a more flexible approach. For instance, there’s no specific type or a set number of cards in each deck. Instead, the cards embody themes to relay vital information. These cards are titled with various archetypes from “love” and “the healer” to “abundance” and “deception.” This way, you’re able to consider your perspective and versatility, which gives you even more insight into your authentic self. 

Oracle Readings Are meant to Inspire & Guide via insight. These readings provide extra insight into your life so you can feel inspired to take control and create the life you want. Oracle readings are meant to help you rediscover your magic and transform your life. It is a means of improving your reality and gaining the confidence to do so. These readings offer you a chance to believe in yourself to live the life you want without fear and doubt. Our Intuitive Reader & Studio Owner, Tiffany, actually has her own Oracle deck which she designed and printed herself. These cards hold a very special meaning for her to get a very clear line of communication with these means.

Every psychic has their own gifts they use in a reading. If you are not sure what reading is right for you from our offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask!