Corporate Wellness

We offer on-site fitness services bring cost-effective instruction to your workplace or convention to reduce employee health costs and improve the overall mental well-being of your employees.  

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Do you own or manage a business and understand the importance of prioritizing employee mental & physical health? A significant benefit of introducing corporate wellness programs into your workplace is improving employees' mental and physical health. A well-curated wellness program can help employees improve their diet and exercise, cut down on smoking and alcohol, and increase their confidence. Some other employee and workplace benefits include:

Your employees are your best asset!

For our Wellness Program we come to you with a custom session going over health & wellness and present it to you and your employees. Our Licenced Psychotherapist, Carrie Jancar of Family First Solutions, will speak to employees about mental health and provide expert tips for lifelong happiness. After this, our Yoga Instructor and Owner of Holistic Health & Crystals, Tiffany Haney, will provide a 30-minute all levels yoga class and discuss the importance of mind/body health and wellness. We also have the option of bringing a nutrition specialist if you request one! These visits can be tailored to exactly what will benefit your specific office and your employees!

We offer both ongoing wellness support and workshops. Contact Tiffany Haney at or 949-330-0406 to schedule your company wellness visit!

Types of Class Offerings:

Gentle Yoga Stretch: Great class if new to yoga, have injuries, recent surgeries, health issues, or want a slower, gentler practice to open & awaken body & mind.  Class explores fundamental principles of yoga to develop & strengthen body’s core center while improving coordination, mental clarity, balance & flexibility.  Appropriate for all levels.

Vinyasa/Hatha Flow All Levels: Mixed level yoga class excellent for beginners to advanced. Builds strength & stamina in body & mind, striking a balance between flowing Vinyasa & longer holds of Classical Hatha Yoga.  Postures linked with breath to facilitate opening & release.  We invite you to have fun, honor your body & work at your own pace!   

All Levels Flow & Soundscapes: Great all levels class to build strength and stamina in body and mind, striking a balance between flowing Vinyasa and longer holds of Classical Hatha Yoga. Accompanied by soundscapes on the singing bowls, gongs & drums, allowing you to move, breathe and groove to the sound vibrations. We invite you to have fun, honor your body, and work at your own pace!

Sound & Meditation: Experience the synergistic powers of sound, vibration and guided visualization to support balance, relaxation, and rejuvenation in the physical and subtle bodies.

More of Our Corporate Wellness Services Include:

We can completely create a unique class, workshop, or offering for your company. Let's figure out how, together, we can get employee wellness on track! Call 949-330-0406