Personal Development & Spiritual Guidance with Tiffany Haney

I am a Projector in Human Design, and if you don't know what that means, that's ok. Basically, I have the innate ability to see what works and what doesn't. This is on a personal level, a business level, and a spiritual guidance level. When I say I can help you live your best life, this isn't some gimmick. I truly see the light in people. I can see why you feel unhappy. I can easily identify the shifts you must make in your life. 

So, what is the catch? You gotta vibe with me. If you feel drawn to who I am and what I do, we can create magic together. It is that simple. Another small catch, I NEED TO ALSO CHOOSE YOU. We both have to feel it. So not everyone is accepted into my mentoring programs. On the fliop side, I am not everyone's cup of tea! And that is ok...

So what kind of people, specifically, do I work with?

As you activate your highest self & embrace your natural gifts, you will feel closer to your soul, your purpose and understand your path to success. We get the the ROOT of YOU! Because I SEE you...and I know you are amazing. I help you, and everyone around you see that too.


YOU'RE HERE TO PLAY A BIG ROLE IN THE COLLECTIVE AWAKENING!!! Let's explore your gifts and help you fulfill your spiritual purpose in this life chapter you feel called to start!

Lets Work 1x1 to help you in this spiritual awakening and find your soul path. Nothing is more fulfilling than finding your Soul Tribe and starting your Personal Journey to filling that space inside of you that keeps saying you are meant for something more

Together, we will discover your Dharma, your Life Purpose, and your confidence in who you are! You are exactly where you are meant to be.

~ Tiffany Haney, Spiritual Mentor & Guide, Owner of Holistic Healing & Crystals

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(Serious inquiries only, please. Please understand there may not be space, but I do offer a waiting list.)