Holistic Healing & Crystals
Spiritual Self-Care Center

12974 Pearl Road | Strongsville, Ohio

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What excites you? What are you meant to do? What is your mission in life? How can you be the best, happiest, most glowing version of you? We can help you answer all of this, and more!

We are a community to help you and your whole family find happiness and the best versions of themselves. 


***We also have a Metaphysical Shop with Crystals, Decor, Jewelry, and select Local Artist Displays!


There is a reason you have been feeling like something is missing, and we are here to help explore, steer, and guide you in various personal development paths. Through our classes, workshops, mentorship programs, and personalized appointments, mind, body and spiritual wellness in one safe space. Our instructors, classes, guest expert lecturers, niche workshops, and amazing team member offerings all are designed to work together in building your own perfectly balanced & enhanced version of life. Let's explore what lights you up and help you shine!!!!

We have services designed for the entire family; introducing healthy ways of living from a young age to children all the way to adults. These services are for every stage of life! 

We believe wholeheartedly in the community we are building here at Holistic Healing & Crystals, and you will feel that when you walk in our door. 

We are a community of spiritual individuals to support you in this next chapter, and we couldn't be more excited for it!!!! See you Soon!

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