You Deserve a Life That Thrills You.
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Rediscover Yourself
Embark on a path to self-discovery and reconnect with your true essence.

Explore Your Higher Purpose
Uncover what truly lights you up and gives your life meaning.

Relax, Release and Heal
Find peace and healing as you let go of past traumas.


Unlock your true potential with personalized guidance from a Projector in Human Design. Whether you seek clarity in your personal life, career, or spiritual journey, we can help you identify what’s holding you back and empower you to become your most radiant, unstoppable self. 


Experience deep healing and spiritual ascension with our Full Chakra Align session. Perfect for anyone undergoing life changes, dealing with emotional distress, or seeking to release trauma, this session restores energetic balance and elevates your vibrational frequency. 


Experience profound clarity and self-empowerment with a 60-Minute Intuitive & Oracle Reading. Our intuitive readers will offer you deep insights and guidance from your spirit guides, helping you navigate life's decisions with confidence and uncover your own intuitive powers. 

We Believe In

The mind-body connection

The power of holistic practices for mental and physical well-being

Finding the unique wellness path that works best for you

Discover our tailored services for group events, private gatherings, and corporate functions, designed to bring transformative experiences and insightful readings to any setting.

Contact Tiffany at or 949-330-0406 to inquire! 

Adult Workshops

Join our adult classes to enhance your well-being through yoga, meditation, and holistic healing practices. We even explore more "woo-woo" things like manifestation, chakras, and channeling!

Upcoming Kids Events

Our kids' workshops offer fun and engaging yoga and mindfulness activities to support healthy development. The big favorite of our clients? Our monthly Parents Night Out Events! 


7pm - 8pm | July 24th, 2024

7pm - 8:15pm | July 31st, 2024


Last Saturday Kids Yoga Class

10:15am - 11:15am | July 27th, 2024

Last Monday Night Kids Yoga Class

5:45pm - 6:45pm | July 29th, 2024

Last Yoga for Non-Yogi's Class

7pm - 8pm | July 30th, 2024

Local Businesses Trust Us To Provide Employee Wellness!


*Shopping By Appt Only until August 25th, 2024 for Summer Break. We resume regular hours starting August 26th, 2024.*

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Welcome to our Healing Yoga Center, where your journey to a more fulfilling life begins through holistic well-being practices. We offer services designed to help you rediscover yourself and achieve personal empowerment.

Located in a serene setting, our center provides a sanctuary for those seeking peace and transformation. Visit us to experience the profound benefits of our unique blend of yoga, energy work, and intuitive guidance, and take the first step towards a radiant, empowered life.


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