Kids 1 x 1 Mentorship


*** This program is intended for ages 6 - 17 years old ***
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In working with young people, I have noticed that confidence is lower than ever. Well, this makes sense...the world certainly has changed. So much in your face pressure with feeling the desire to look a certain way, project a certain lifestyle on their social media, and crazy high academic and athletic expectations. No wonder kids have anxiety and struggle to have confidence in who they want to become! 

I absolutely remember the struggle of finding confidence in who I was when I was young. Honestly, only in the past 5 years or so have I had confidence in who I am and what my gifts are. And what a wonderful place to be! Not questioning other people's intentions with me, or wondering if I am impressing someone, or if they like me. I now am confident in knowing that I will attract people who are meant to be around me; it is natural when you love who you are. Things start to magically fall into place! Dreams are attainable, and people can see that vibrational light & energy in you.

In this program, we work 1x1 to build confidence, explore mindfulness, master calming techniques, and even manifest the future they want with ease! We incorporate positive affirmations, exercises for focus and breathwork for anxiety relief. These are imperative life lessons! 

When kids are armed with various tools for emotional regulation, empowerment and confidence, they can feel prepared for future success

With all the things going on in this world, raising a strong and confident generation who know they can achieve anything has never been more important! 

With Love & Light,


Limited spots are available in this program. Contact us for further info.