Kids 1 x 1 Mentorship


This program is for Gifted Children to explore their gifts and boost their confidence in who they are. This program helps your child shine!!!!

*** This program is intended for ages 6 - 17 years old ***
Contact us with any questions

Program Length: 30 DAYS

Program Details (what's included):
* 30 Days of support with daily morning affirmations text or emailed to you/your child
* Unlimited email access to me for ongoing Mentorship
* 1 Private Empowerment session 1x1 with me where we will meditate, breathe, talk things out, and learn techniques to coping with negativity and returning to a place of confidence. We will also do Chakra work to align and remove blockages so your child can shine their brightest self.
(Session Length is 1 hour)
* We will also explore your childs innate psychic gifts. Everyone has them - we will figure out what your childs are and how we can activate and heighten them. What is their unique gift to share with the world?
* One large crystal - hand chosen with your guide to resonate with you or your child's unique frequency ($75 - $100 value)
* Mala Beads for use in meditation practice we will work on together
*  An individually created "Soul Mantra" designed specifically for you or your child's energy & personal needs. They can use this mantra for meditation, to self calm and to manifest. We will also talk about manifestation! Much like when an athlete uses visualization before the big game, we can use manifestation to visualize positive outcomes and feel more confident in our circumstances. 
* 1 Journal to work with ones higher self
* 1 Personal Stone Crystal Bracelet for Confidence, helping to shine at all times (crystal or stone chosen to resonate specifically with you or your child's energy.)
* Worksheets that correspond to various learning tools & confidence boosting methods

Program Investment: $375
(Can be paid all at once or in weekly installments on a payment plan - payment plan option contains additional fees.) 

I only take a handful of clients at a time to give them proper time & attention during this program.
Please email us to Inquire. Applicants are hand selected. Not all are selected.


In working with young people, I have noticed that confidence is lower than ever. Well, this makes sense...the world certainly has changed. So much in your face pressure with looking a certain way, projecting a certain lifestyle, keeping up with what the neighbors are doing/buying, and the crazy high academic and athletic expectations. No wonder kids have anxiety and struggle to have confidence in who they want to become! I absolutely remember the struggle of finding confidence in who I was. Honestly, only in the past 5 years or so have I had confidence in who I am and what my gifts are. And what a wonderful place to be! Not questioning other people's intentions with me, or wondering if I am impressing someone, or if they like me. I now and confident in knowing that I will attract people who are meant to be around me; it is natural when you love who you are. Things start to magically fall into place! Dreams are attainable, and people can see that vibrational light & energy in you.

You know when you are at an event, and someone walks into the room and demands the attention of everyone in that space? It doesn't even matter what they look like, they simply have that magnetism that draws everyone's eyes in the room. This is all energy. Our energy is something anyone can read - much like when you meet someone and feel like you have known them for years, or "instantly click." It is all energy!

When we ignore our energetic field and allow things to get murky, our light dims. Insecurity sets in. Even depression. Please don't misunderstand, we all have our bad moments or days; we are not meant to be up and happy ALL the time! We can, however, learn how to acknowledge negative feelings and how to work through them in a healthy manner. We can learn how to get that light shining again.

So that is what this program is for. Embracing who you are. Or dare I say it? LOVE who you are! When we learn to love ourselves, we can logically work through the tough days with a knowing it is temporary. When we have tools to pump up confidence, and implement them daily, we can feel empowered to take on everything else in our lives. And with alllllll the things going on in this world, raising a strong and confident generation who know they can achieve anything has never been more important! People leave this program empowered, with a deeper sense of purpose, and confidence in themselves and their life journey & gifts. 

With Love & Light,